Hermes Reversible Leather Belt Black/Gold Iconic Constance H Brushed Palladium Plated Buckle


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The Hermes belt is coveted by Hermes collectors everywhere! This chic and sophisticated Hermes 32mm Constance H Belt features a reversible belt that will go with every outfit. One side of the belt is Black Box leather, the other side is Gold Courchevel leather. It comes with a brushed palladium plated Hermes buckle that is sure to make a statement. We can always count on Hermes for timeless elegance. Please note this belt is in exceptional condition however their are light mottled spots on the buckle, as per images.


100cm (39.4″) Belt, 32mm (1.25″) Buckle


Black/noir, Gold


Leather, Palladium





Condition Guide

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4 Star
Has never been used/carried. (Except for the purpose of our product photography)
Product is like new & shows no signs of wear.
Gently Used
2 Star
Obvious that the product has been used but shows no signs of heavysoiling, stains, scratches or tears.
Well Used
Product has been well loved & may show signs of soiling, stains or scratches it shows but still has plenty of life in it yet!

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