Layaway Policy

Our Layaway Options

    Don’t miss out. Our Layaway service gives you the ability to buy an item using payment installments over a certain time so that you don’t have to miss out on that wanted purchase!
    You will have 60 days to pay the full balance off and then we will ship you the item after your final payment is completed. Layaway is available to everyone at no additional charge, on certain products selected by NU LUXURY LABELS.

How it works.

  1. Select “Layaway Purchase” next to the item you wish to purchase
  2. A minimum downpayment of 30% will be automatically calculated. You will pay a further 35% on day 30 & the remainder balance of 35% on the 60th day after purchase. If you fail to pay the final amount by day 60 the layaway item will be canceled and placed back in our inventory to be re-sold. You will be refunded all payments made up to that date, minus a 15% (of full price) non-refundable portion and any change fees incurred. Layaway is assigned to your original layaway purchase and is not transferable to any other product.
  3. Proceed with normal checkout instructions.

NU LUXURY LABELS Layaway guidelines are subject to change.

Effective July 1 2016