About Us

Nice to meet you…

We are as our name suggests – purveyors of only the finest luxury designer labels and specialists in all that is pre-loved. Our customers, like us, are discerning and we only consign or purchase items that we are prepared to be judged on. Our high standards are born from the desire to offer a true white glove service. Shopping with Nu Luxury Labels is an experience; we are perfectionists who value our customers, understand their needs and constantly look at ways we might improve. Regardless of the type of interaction; consignment, outright purchase of goods for sale, or purchase from our website, all are highly valued clients who will receive the best possible level of service.

Our founder Natalia, originally from England, is a well seasoned traveller with an enduring passion for couture and high end luxury goods. Now settled in the San Francisco Bay area, Natalia enjoys all this eclectic location has to offer; from the impressive Golden Gate Bridge providing access to a truly beautiful city, with a fantastic cosmopolitan feel and a fashion conscious beating heart. Over the years Natalia has built up quite a collection of designer labels, having owned at some point at least one of all the items we sell. Natalia has impeccable taste, exceptionally high standards and an eye for detail that will serve our clients well.

Nu Luxury Labels confidently whispers its intent, understanding what ingredients are required to create a truly amazing shopping experience.

We are sure footed, ethical and caring.

We pride ourselves on the offer of an uncomplicated service where aspiration and success are applauded.

Nu Luxury Labels only sells pre-loved, desired, high quality, authentic goods.